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I call myself Elaine of the Land, because the Land supports me and heals the parts that are sad, lost and afraid.

My reason for writing a blog is to share my journey with others. I hope this will become a sacred place for others to share and to heal, to talk and be silent. To be heard, acknowledged and validated as this is one of the greatest ways we can be of service to one another.

To listen to the voice of another. To share grief and celebrate joy is part of the gift of being human. A reason to exist.

My soul craves both solitude and the presence of other like minded people. To build a community, to form a tribe, to begin relationships. Acknowledge the differences in others, to learn, to grow, to live.

We can do all these things through compassion and love.


I write to live, I live to write. Words are oxygen. I love to read and to write and to share.
Writing often becomes poetry when you least expect it.

I review books and recommend favourite authors. I am in awe of writers. I consume their words, sit in their books and feel the waves of emotion wash over me.


As a sentient being I am at home with the land. I find peace and solace in nature. Remedies and cures can be found here and I make soaps and potions. Growing herbs, vegetables and fruit as organically as possible. Sharing my thoughts with others, learning from those who have walked this way before.
Clyngwern Farm is a place of magic and wonder. There is much to do as the land has been neglected, the animals unkempt and the house forgotten.

My brother lives and works with me. He understands the land, he loves the animals and he is a master craftsman.

He restores houses. His skills include building, plumbing, painting, tiling, plastering. He is a roofer, electrician, glazer and carpenter. He installs heating systems, kitchens and bathrooms.
Our lives came together, through loss and grief. We are supportive of one another as we re- build our lives, the farm and the house.

We want to discuss our experiences, review techniques, recommend suppliers and other craftsmen. All comments and advice are welcome. Practical work in exchange for food and lodging considered, although you will need a tent or caravan.

This is our story. Please walk with us and share the journey. We value your company.

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