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Memories of the Eternal Flame of Love

Moving through the pain of loss with the Tarot

Memories. They should bring happiness. Memories of love, of being loved, of being in love. All they do is bring me pain and today this is the card of the reading.

Uncovered by the insecurity and fear, releasing my mind to remember love. Being loved by my parents, by my husband, by special friends. All I can think of is the pain of losing them all.

To clear the way for clarity, I ponder on the image. Two hands cupped, holding a candle in a jar. Three more candles are in the image, and the two hands makes the number to six. Six of cups is the traditional card. The number six, I wonder what the significance is and also the traditional meaning of this card.

I realise my rational and logical mind is seeking escape from pain, I constantly try to outwit and outrun pain. A useless journey. I look at the card once again and seek the answer from within.

So to return to the image. I hold the memory of love in my hands. A flame that burns brightly. The flame will eventually go out, or will it?

This is a tarot deck. Anything can happen. I can manifest anything in the world of spirit.

Therefore I can chose to allow this memory to burn brightly and remember the love I had with happiness and to know, that that love will never burn out and never die.

I hold the memory in my hands, I am able to chose the sadness or happiness to attach to that memory and to remember that I had that love. I experienced the love of parents, of spouse, of friends. They are still with me, in spirit, their flames undiminished.

And love is strong. The stronger emotion, the path to strength, truth, enlightenment, courage and victory.

Victory over the negative sadness and grieving and pain.

If I touch the flame of the candle, it will burn. A message to release the past, to release the memory of loss. If I hold the candle in a jar, a safe place, then I can gaze on the light and feel the warmth without pain or suffering.

Memories. Loving memories. Remembering the past with love. And that will allow it to be in my present thoughts.

I can take each memory, as I take each candle in its jar into my hands. I can gaze upon the light burning brightly.

The candle jars are floating on clear water. Through the water the lotus flowers can be seen. Allowing clarity, allowing growth, remembering that from the dark and silent mud of stillness, the lotus blossom will flower in light and clarity.

I sit and remember my loved ones today. Now I can release the pain of the loss. Now I can feel the eternity of their love.

Today, my dear Friends, I wish you all peaceful loving memories. Memories released from grief and hurt and loss.

Today, I pray your hearts will be touched with the loving light of the candle. Keep the love you have burning brightly within.

Much love.

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