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Four of Pentacles brings fear and insecurity

Time to welcome truth, memories, union and transformation

Five cards have appeared in my reading today including the four of pentacles. There are four beautiful images from the Psychic Tarot. A new deck to me and profound and deep. The fifth card from a familiar Tarot of the Old Path brought the Four of Pentacles to connect them. 

Four beautiful and compelling images and yet they are diminished in their power by the fear and insecurity I sometimes feel.

The four of pentacles is within the suit of the material, of wealth and abundance. Today this shows me that I have the four elements I seek and yearn for. Truth. Loving memories. Spiritual Union and Transformation.

I wonder why I am so fearful of these four enriching and life enhancing gifts.

This week, I feel many of us may be facing a similar thought or situation, therefore I am going to reflect on each one for today and the following four days and see where we find ourselves at the end of this week.

Autumn is with us, slowly enhancing our lives. WE may feel afraid of the coming of the dark nights and cold days, and yet there within the season of stillness we will find truth, loving memories, spiritual union and transformation.

We will find it within stillness, silence and slowing down.

The paths I am travelling are entwined and I feel there are many of us that walk the same way.

Today the Tarot is highlighting my fear, my holding on, my worry of loss, my inability to let go. Until I have the trust and faith to believe in the abundance of each moment, to release my fear, to let go of the present moment of happiness to allow the next one to occur. To have faith happiness is to be found in the darkest and longest night. Until then I will be as this figure on the card. Holding on to heavy pentacles, frowning and tense, afraid I will lose what little I think I have.

When trust enters into my heart, I am able to let it all go. To release the happiness and abundance I have, and then it is shared with everyone else. And then I am connected to the world and the universe and then I have comfort in community.

Seen and unseen. Known and unknown.

It starts now.

I release with honour and faithfulness the abundance I have and share it with everyone and everything.

Today I am confident of my connection to the Universe. Today I am full of trust.

Be as one with everything you know and be open to all the unknown today my dear Friends.

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