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Truth. Reflections from the Psychic Tarot

A day to release fear, anxiety, guilt and shame.

Truth is part of the major arcana of the psychic tarot. It is number 20, traditionally the card of Judgement. And that is what I think of as I reflect on the message today. Judgement. How I judge myself constantly. Looking for answers, seeking perfection, happiness, freedom, acceptance.

Most days I never find it. The reason is because I am always seeking without. Lookinig at the world, and comparing myself with others, with past success, failure and at the end of most days, it is so easy to sink into despondency. Another hopeless quest. These are dark days when the weather is cold and damp, when I am tired, when nothing seems to work, when animals die. These are dark days.

On brighter days, when the sun shines, the the farm seems full of life and I am rested, the darkness is lessened however ever present. In my thoughts, my constant quest “to do better”, be better, have compassion for everyone, love everyone, forgive everyone.

All are honest and worthy traits, however where do I fit into this. Today this card of truth and judgement asks the question.

Where is my personal truth?

Am I such a bad person, so wretched, hopeless, worthless and useless?

In the silence of meditation truth can appear. Truth of the soul within, the goodness within, the perfection of all that is.

And the truth is today as I gaze at the perfection of the sky, the stars, the grass, the trees, I see myself reflected. I am perfect as I am. I am a spiritual being having a human experience. A quest to be whole, to be healed, to be saved.

To find peace, to return home.

Peace is within. Home is within.

That is the truth.


The first step today is to accept I am honest in my thoughts. To accept I will make mistakes and at the close of each day to honour each one. The success and the mistakes. For here is where growth will begin. Using each stumbling block and making it a stepping stone.

Today I keep truth in my mind. Looking into the heart of my intentions, praying for guidance, accepting forgiveness.

I wish this for all of my friends. For us to accept our honesty and look at the heart.

Much love to you all.

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