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First Blog Post. What Do I Write About?

Day One

OK so this is my first blog post So what do I write about?

And to become familiar to this new laptop and the different keyboard and the strangeness of everything.

To become familiar with the unaccustomed, that is a big life lesson and one so many of us struggle with……….. yes.

On a good day it can be challenging, exciting, exhilarating and intoxicating.

And on a bad day, it can be a nightmare, the worst and then some. Numbing, fearsome and provoking tears of anger, frustration and then more fear.

Oh yes. I have been there so many times. I know the good days and bad days.

To embrace the familiar, to be challenged, excited, exhilarated and intoxified requires us to leave the familiar, to exit our comfort zone, to walk away from something beloved; sometimes for ever or a long time.

And though it will never be easy, the rewards are immense.

To take courage and make the those first steps away from the comfort of the known will bring an end to the suffering we feel will never leave us. Each time we make a tiny step forward, we lessen the pain of the past.

We may stumble and fall; falling is a part of trying new ventures and projects.

When we release the release the fear of falling, we wake from the nightmare of stagnation. A bruised ego is all that will happen. Then our confidence is re-newed to venture further.

The first faltering steps are necessary for a journey to anywhere. Whether it be trying a new recipe, a new hat, a new relationship, a new home.

Large or small, change is never easy. However the more often we try, the more familiar change will become.

Here is my story……………….

I invite you to read my posts, my thoughts, my fears. To hear the screams and the cries, and through them the laughter and the song that is growing in my heart.

Share my journey, and I will walk with you and we can build our own community. Life can be lonely here sometimes on Clyngwern Farm, although there is peace amid the chaos. We can support one another on our quest for whatever it is we need. I welcome connection with new friends and those dear ones of the past.

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