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Magic on the Farm with runes and folklore

Day Twenty Nine

I have been reading about magic. Real magic written by people who research into the folklore and study the ancient teachings written in Hebrew, Sanskrit and Greek.

It is quite amazing and strongly connected to the earth, the elements and the astral bodies being the moon, the sun, the other planets. Trees, plants, animals, birds, insects are all part of the magic they weave and create.

In to days world of technology and the ease of travel, some people find it hard to believe in this realm of magic, and yet in the ancient times, this was technology to the people who lived.

Their technology was in finding healing from plants and minerals, learning the best ways to survive in the changing seasons and the weather. In ancient Greek and Egyptians were advanced in their knowledge and intelligence and their world existed around the natural ways.

They watched the stars without the aid of technology, studied weather patterns, made talismans and amulets from natural materials such as wood and stone. They believed in the power of the symbols and used them for protection and for making their world an easier place to live.

In times of stillness,silence and solitude I find time to read these books. Books that have been on my shelf for years. It takes maybe 10 minutes or so to read a few paragraphs. There is so much to absorb and understand, I read just a few lines sometimes, often at random, and yet this is how the author wanted her book to be used.

Practitioners of magic through the ages have been solitary people, living in caves, or in forest dens, some in remote castles. They had silence and stillness around them as they explored the world and found the magic in the natural world.

I am going to spend some of my solitude in reading and then waiting to see if the natural world does present itself to me. The trees are so still, they keep growing, year by year. The house remains silent. It is built from rocks and stones of the land and held together with lime and sand and structured from wood. The roof is of slate. The whole house is built from nature.

The wind blows, the sun shines and water descends from the sky frequently. Elements necessary for growth of the land and for the animals.

The rune today is Wunjo, meaning Joy. I have been studying the runes for years. They keep their knowledge very secret. However the meaning of Wunjo is joy and happiness that comes from within. From persevering, from striving, from making things happen. It is the satisfaction from doing something and succeeding in a task, rather than a material gift.

Gifts are wonderful to receive, however the happiness from a gift is short lived. The joy we feel from knowing we have succeeded in something we have feared or made mistakes over is longer lasting and builds a foundation for future success.

The rune also means joy from food, shelter and warmth. That is my wish for you today.
Food, shelter and warmth. With much love from the world of magical world of Clyngwern Farm.

4 comment on “Magic on the Farm with runes and folklore

  • White Dove
    17/09/2017 | 11:26 pm

    Books long on the shelf, reading 10 minutes at random…. I can see myself doing this, too, as I often have.

    Living a magical life….. oh yes, please!

    • Elaine
      18/09/2017 | 12:40 pm

      My lovely Friend, there is magic everywhere. I see it in the trees, the sunrise, the light that fades and returns. I saw it so much in the rainbow on Sunday……… there is magic in our lives, except we take it for granted. The ancient ones had no technology to distract them so they made runes from stones and wood. Later they made tarot cards. It was to devine the future, the weather, the passage of the stars. We have computers and telescopes these days. The ancient ones would see this as magic. Books, I had so many, I downsized to just one bookcase now. They call to me, they whisper, they entice. I read at random when time is short, there is always an answer, sometimes to a question I had not yet asked. Magic again………. divination, it is all here. It is with everyone. You are opening to it my dear one. It will become clearer as you slow down and notice more. In the midst of your pine forest, the trees will whisper and the creek will sing to you. When you have their trust, the nature spirits will visit. They are very shy, yet they yearn for human company. They need it to survive. xxx

  • White Dove
    20/09/2017 | 1:49 pm

    Slowing down, getting outdoors, yes…..
    Seeing the magic in every day creation.
    I want this more and more….
    Thank you, dear Elaine of the Land!

    • Elaine
      22/09/2017 | 11:39 am

      As you open up to the gentle connection to nature, the spirits will come. Your eyes will open and your ears will hear their voices. The whole of your senses will strengthen. It is a beautiful experience. One that is free and will endure through every challenge. xxx

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