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Acceptance at the turning point of the year

The task I have accomplished

Acceptance, attitude, adoption, blessing, approval. As I contemplate the first question of the reading, this is the answer. Aided by the Knight of Pentacles from the Hudes Tarot by Susan Hudes.

The question from “The Turning Point” Tarot spread. (see end of post for acknowledgements) is “what task have you accomplished”

So many tasks have been accomplished, so much learnt, so many changes. Loss being a big part of the change.

And this is the season of loss, in many ways. The loss of light, of heat, the leaves on the trees, the growing potential.

I accept the loss as it is less painful. That is one task accomplished. I have learnt that acceptance of a situation is the first step to recovery. There is no longer a struggle, it is done, accepted, and allows progress.

Coming home.

As I gaze on the card that has been chosen, it shows the knight of pentacles.

Pentacles. The suit of earth, of home, of structure, of the material world.

A safe place. The suit of pentacles always bring a feeling of safety.

The least movement here, the earth is still and solid and unyielding.

It is safe.

The knight represents a messenger, communication. Knights usually ring movement and action, however the pace of the horse is steady, the sky is still, the grass is lush and green. Like the grass on the farm. There are golden hues in the sky and the armour of the knight has decorations of gold, the harness of the horse is gold.

Gold, warm and precious. Soft to work. Enduring.

There are many messages here.

Stability, endurance, endings, completion. Slow steady progress.

The knight carries a ruby red pentacle. I feel this is my heart. He has brought my heart home to me.

I still feel unsettled and uneasy in this strange new land, and the farm and the instability of living in a caravan. However there is a song in the trees that persists. If I listen it is a lullaby, a peaceful indicant that all is well and the time is to rest.

So at my personal turning point, the task I have accomplished is acceptance that I have come home. Acceptance. It feels good.


The Hudes Tarot Deck by Susan Hudes
US Games Inc, Publishers

Illustrated Tarot Spreads
Heidemarie Pielmeier & Marcus Schirner
Sterling Publishing Co Inc. New York

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