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Colours of Transformation at Autumn Equinox

The gentle approach of stillness and peace

Colours of Autumn come with a gentleness and a softness. We begin to notice the leaves are falling, a chill to the early mornings, a sudden fall of dusk at night.

The birds are gathering on rooftops and making patterns in the sky. The scent of earth is stronger in the morning with the dense carpet of dew.

Summer is fading as the shadows lengthen and deepen. There is a sense of change and we feel the effects of the transformation.

I drew a reading for the coming of autumn and the New Moon from the Psychic Tarot, for inspiration and guidance. The final card of the layout is that of Transformation from the Psychic Tarot deck.

It shows a beautiful woman who is looking bewildered and slightly afraid. She is holding on to a dark head of someone and has wings of glorious colours.

I see the head as that of her guardian angel who has carried her on her journey. Now her own wings have developed and she is realising she is capable of flying unaided and alone.

The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, from tiny chick to developed bird. These are all stepping stones along our path of transformation.

As autumn approaches we often mourn the ending of summer. However the gifts of autumn are the transformation into deep and profound colours. The display of nature at her most colourful and rich. The leaves will fall and feed the earth for the next season of growth and so as we reflect on our summer of achievements and long days, we can feel a sense of attunement of all the experiences that will enrich our mind and bodies for the next season of growth.

Transformation at equinox is important. We need to harvest our potential and take time to realise all we have achieved. We can notice the colours of autumn, the falling of the leaves, the song of the birds, the dawn and the dusk.

The fear of winter and its long chill days will be eased as we prepare for new growth through long nights of rest and sleep.

Change happens all the time through nature and we are reflections of this change. When we learn to welcome the transformation of each season we will uncover unexpected joy and gifts.

A way to embrace change and the anxiety it brings is to spend time in stillness. Nature will bring the comfort you seek. The presence of a large tree will give you strength. An expanse of water will show clarity. Looking at the sky for inspiration or the stars for peace. Whatever you seek, you will find in the presence of nature in Autumn this year.

4 comment on “Colours of Transformation at Autumn Equinox

  • White Dove
    25/09/2017 | 6:24 pm

    I wonder how the caterpillar feels in that first moment of fighting through the last bit of cocoon to discover she has wings. Is she surprised, perplexed, doubtful, or full joy and energy to fly….

    I believe she needs the stillness to survey her new surroundings and to steady her herself as she prepares for her first lift off.

    I wonder if this is where we are, in this space of “in between” time….. The stillness and silence are tough. Distractions are a relief, but the discipline of solitude and silence is powerfully effective in transformation.

    It’s wonderful to read your gentle words and to follow your journey, Elaine of the Land!

    • Elaine
      28/09/2017 | 2:07 pm

      My dear Friend, when I write, I am looking for solutions. Seeking within my own soul for the answers which I am positive reside there. However there are times when I am unable to see any solutions. Reading your comments are always inspiring and enlightening. Bless you for these words. Your writing is always so comforting to me. I deeply appreciate your comments, I am blessed beyond words that you are walking with me. Stillness to survey my new surroundings. These are powerful words. It makes sense of my unusual situation and the loneliness I often feel fades like the Welsh mist in the morning sunshine. Love you my dear Friend.

  • Penny
    26/09/2017 | 1:21 am

    This post is very beautiful and thought-provoking

    • Elaine
      28/09/2017 | 2:08 pm

      Dear Penny, it is a pleasure to write for people who share my thoughts. It is lovely to see a new reader on the blog. Thank you for your words, thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. With sincere good wishes. Elaine

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