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Slowing down to observe the Day

Discovering an abundance of time

Slowing down has released the urgency to jump in, to leap forward. The cruel grip of anxiety and fear which begins each day is receding in the often hardest part of each day.

The commitment to slowing down and sitting in stillness is beginning to enhance my inner peace and awareness. The anxiety that underpins fear of loss is fading. Delay is no longer seen as a problem. Time is beginning to be my friend.

This morning I woke feeling calm and rested, however the habitual urgency to jump into the day, to get going, to be out and doing, caused my heart to race. Strands of anxiety attached to my thoughts. Panic was uncomfortably close.

Teachings of meditation promise that if we want to allow the abundance of time, we need to sit quietly, morning and evening and throughout the day to simply be in silence and stillness.

So I slowly got out of bed, opened the door and inhaled the morning air. I noticed the carpet of dew on the grass and the brightness of the sky.

Making tea and sitting down to watch the steam slowly rising from my cup. I read a morning meditation and remained sitting in silence, in solitude, in stillness.

And the world stopped rocking and began to slowly float. My whole body felt enveloped in a warm blanket of calm and my mind was full of peace.

Later I began to rush a little to feed hens, and dog and let the ram out and check the sheep. Observing my thoughts, I remembered to slow down and allow the abundance of time.

The ram was quietly waiting in the yard. The sheep were tucked up in the little copse of trees, lazily chewing the cud. The hens were delighted to be out in the run and set to pecking for worms, corn, meal and drinking deeply.

However the sun continued to shine, the lone turbine whirled slowly and the birds sang and flew around.

The hens will calm down later in the day, perching quietly or spreading out their wings to laze in the sun.

The sheep sometimes run as a flock, across the fields and then come to an abrupt standstill to eat the grass as if nothing had happened.

Observing nature, I see there are times for movement and there are times for stillness. As always the balance is key.

Today I wish for you all to be able to slow down and experience the abundance of time.

With much love from Wales.

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