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Return to the Page at Spring Equinox

Spring brings changes to Clyngwern Farm

As Spring returns, so I return to the page. It has been a long winter.

Quiet thoughts at Ostara, the Spring Equinox. The last post I wrote was at Mabon. The Autumn Equinox.

I write for me now. These are my thoughts which I share with the listening people.

If you are a listening person, you are welcome to share the page with me.

This blog will evolve as the farm evolves. At random and at its own pace.

The farm has been sleeping through winter, as I have also be dormant in my writing.

Spring has brought changes on the farm

Spring is bringing lambs to the farm. We have 40 sheep now. 24 are breeding ewes.
We have planted a small orchard of fruit trees; eating, cooking and a couple for cider making.
There are fields here now, instead of one big open space.
We have a sheep handling system. I totally recommend these, even for small farms like ours.
And there is a new pup. A beautiful GSD who is showing signs of becoming a competent sheep dog.

The signs are:

She did not run up to me when I went to visit the pups for the first time. She sat and watched me. This is a sign of a potential good sheep dog. All the other pups ran up. She sat and watched.

She is with me constantly. She will not run up to other people, she stays close. This is good for a potential working dog, they have one owner, one trainer, one voice.

She is unbothered by the sheep. Neither chases or runs away. In theory pups are introduced to sheep at 6 months of age, she is just 11 weeks. However as often happens here on our farm, there are no rules, things happen. The mother ewe and her twin lambs came through the open gate of the yard, Bro always forgets to close it. And she wandered up the track to the caravans to find some human company, to search for different grass and simply to introduce her two lambs who are now 2 weeks old.

Ruby, the pup was sitting quietly as the ewe approached. She remained sitting calmly as the ewe stamped her front hoof in warning. It was a beautiful sight. Black ewe with her two lambs. Little black Patterdale, also sitting quietly, my black and tan pup. All animals sitting and watching with courtesy.

This makes it all worthwhile, because it has been a soul aching, long winter full of pain, emotions, death, mud and more rain than the monsoon season.

In short, it has been tough, although not as bad as the winter of 2018 when the Beast from the East was here.

However, its another year in a caravan, another year of being damp and wet as I run from bedroom caravan to kitchen caravan with various needs. The log burner is a treasure. It heats up the little caravan where I sleep and the warmth and the sight of the flames dancing heals my sadness at the end of a day when I am tired beyond tired.

Spring is here now. The farm is returning to life after its sleep. I should be aware that winter is a quiet time and plans and progress will always follow nature. I am sometimes out of alignment with the Universe and like an aeroplane that flies towards its destination, I need to follow the signs and respect the weather.

Impatience is a human condition and the Earth Mother simply waits for me to return to kilter. She is gentle, kind and firm.

I visited the island of Malta for a few days at the end of February and visited a Catholic Shrine. This has moved me to the feminine energy even more. The parallel of this holy place is likened to the Pagan worship of the Great Earth Mother. This shrine is dedicated to the Mother. Our Lady of Malta. I felt at peace here and at home, at one with the feminine.

Now I am following a lady who is living in a camper van. She is awesome and I am learning from her on how to live small and simple.

This blog is just a journal of my thoughts. I have given up trying to satisfy Google statistics for words and readability and being discovered in the vast world of blogging.

I tried it before. I rewrote my posts and it was no longer my voice.

This is my voice. This is my journey. This is my page. We are all unique.

If you want to share my thoughts and listen to my voice, you are most welcome. I will try and reply to comments. I will always read them, however sometimes I am too tired to write back.

Forgive me for this.

Grammar, technique, readability and spelling is good for those who like it. I just write on my page. Comments on the way I write will be unacknowledged. Please find someone who needs this, there are those who will welcome your expertise.

I will be 60 years old in a few days, a Spring Child, and I no longer have the patience to be told what to do and more than that, I will write as I chose.

Choice, my friends. You have the choice to read my page or ignore it.

I write for me………………… and in the process of writing I heal myself. and I write for people to read too, those who need to read and maybe we will help one another to heal.

All love to whoever reads this page.

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